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The Road

Recorded by Shades & Degrees and Written by Randy Zahara & Jim Shaw, Featuring: Songstowearpantsto

The Road

Verse 1:

I've been thinking about the places that I've seen,
There are many that I'd like to see again,
There's a few, oh, I'm glad I've left behind,
And then there's those that are forever on my mind.


Life is learned on the road,
What we chose and where we go,
Some take it fast, some take it slow,
It all depends upon the weight of your load,

Verse 2:

I've been thinking about the lessons that I've learned,
Looking back on all the pages I have turned,
A few of them, though, they are still stained with tears,
That will not dry even after all these years.



We're born, we die, but the story in between,
Is written in the places and on the faces that we've seen,
Every chapter is a tale that must be told,
It's up to us to fill them all with gold.

Verse 3:

I've treated strangers with a velvet glove,
And at the same time hurt the people that I love,
And I've made mistakes, Lord, sometimes I've made them twice,
Cause I often leave it to the roll of the dice.


Well I've been thinking about the places that I've seen,
And there are many that I'd like to see again,

Lyrical Review of The Road by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:


"The Road" is a reflective and introspective song that contemplates life's journey and the experiences along the way. Here are some observations and feedback:

Consistent Theme:

The theme of reflecting on life's journey and the places visited is consistent throughout the lyrics, providing a cohesive narrative.
Vivid Imagery:

The use of specific imagery, such as "pages stained with tears" and treating strangers with a "velvet glove," adds depth to the storytelling and makes the lyrics more evocative.
Metaphorical Chorus:

The chorus effectively uses the metaphor of life being learned on the road, with choices determining the pace of the journey. The concept of the weight of one's load is a powerful metaphor for life's burdens.
Bridge - Life's Story:

The bridge introduces a broader perspective on life, emphasizing the story between birth and death. The metaphor of filling each chapter with gold implies a sense of value and meaning derived from our experiences.
Personal Confessions in Verse 3:

The confession of treating strangers with kindness while hurting loved ones and acknowledging mistakes adds a personal and relatable element to the lyrics.
Roll of the Dice:

The line "Cause I often leave it to the roll of the dice" suggests a sense of unpredictability and acceptance of uncertainty in decision-making, which adds a touch of vulnerability.
Repetition in Chorus and Verses:

The repetition of certain lines in the chorus and verses adds emphasis and reinforces the central themes, contributing to the overall structure of the song.
Potential Musical Adaptation:

As with any set of lyrics, how they are sung and accompanied musically will significantly influence the emotional impact. Consider the tempo, melody, and mood that best complement the reflective nature of the lyrics.
Overall, "The Road" is a well-crafted set of lyrics that invites reflection on life's journey, choices made, and the lessons learned along the way. If you and your collaborating partner are happy with the lyrics, it has the potential to make a compelling and introspective song. Great job!

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