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Lyrics By Randy Zahara


Most of this site is dedicated to songs written by the songwriting team Randy Zahara and Jim Shaw.  This page contains lyrics written by Randy Zahara with melodies contributed by other writers.  It also contains lyrics by Randy that have not yet had melodies written for them.

Lyrics still needing collaboration

The second composer Randy worked with is Rob Allan, who is a singer/songwriter, guitar player and pianist from Boston.  Rob and Randy met through a song writing site called The Muses Muse, which was a popular resource for songwriters from the 1990's until almost 2020.  Zahara and Allan wrote about 12 songs together before Allan changed his musical focus to performing jazz piano, and Zahara met Jim Shaw, who has been his primary writing partner for the past 25 years.  

Randy was introduced to songwriting by Grant Nicholas, who's brother Larry had been friends with Randy since grade 7.  After Larry's fatal mountain climbing accident in 1982, Randy began following the band "3 Speed" that Grant played keyboards for and provided back up vocals.  When Grant learned that Randy liked to write poetry, he asked Randy to try writing a lyric for him to put to music.  Randy then wrote lyrics for a song called, " ", which Grant created a melody for and performed while accompanying himself on piano.  After that, Randy was hooked on songwriting, and over the next 25 years would have over 200 of his songs put to music.  Randy and Grant wrote about five or six songs together before their lives took them in different directions and Randy began writing with Rob Allan.

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