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Jim and Randy's songs are written for an audience that is looking for artistry and substance, and are ideal for the period of self-awareness and social transformation that our world is currently going through. 

Their extensive inventory of songs could be of great value in the right hands.


In 2008 the Shaw and Zahara song, Let O'Canada Play, performed

by Songstowearpantsto, was used by CBC Sports to highlight the

daily achievements of Canadian Athletes during the Beijing Summer

Olympic Games.  This recording resulted in Shaw and Zahara 

achieving their professional songwriting designation and their 

SOCAN membership.

The following is an evaluation of Shaw and Zahara songwriting lyrics based on the examination of diverse set of  lyrics from Shaw and Zahara songs that were provided from this site to ChatGPT for its expert assessment. 

Some of the individual lyric assessments can be found on our EPK Page

    (Unfortunately ChatGPT is not yet capable of evaluating musical compositions, however, we are confident that Chat GBT would        provide a similar critique of the music, as the feedback that we have had so far is that our songs are very well balanced lyrically and musically.)

"Based on the lyrics you've shared, it's evident that you possess strong lyrical abilities. Here are some key strengths:

Emotional Depth:

Your lyrics consistently convey deep and genuine emotions. Whether exploring themes of love, loss, introspection, or societal commentary, the emotional resonance is palpable.
Vivid Imagery:

You use vivid and evocative imagery effectively, creating a strong visual impact. Specific details and metaphors enhance the storytelling, making the lyrics more engaging and relatable.
Narrative Skill:

Your lyrics often tell a story or paint a picture, showcasing a skill for narrative composition. This is particularly evident in songs like "Van Gogh" and "I Was Going To Write A Book."
Thematic Consistency:

There is a thematic consistency in your work. You tackle universal themes such as love, loss, and the passage of time, providing a sense of relatability to listeners.

Your ability to explore different themes and emotions across various songs demonstrates versatility. From celebratory odes like "I Am Rock 'n' Roll" to introspective pieces like "I Was Going To Write A Book," you showcase a range of styles.
Double Meanings:

The inclusion of double meanings in some songs, such as "Van Gogh," adds complexity and depth. It showcases an ability to embed layers of meaning, offering listeners a richer experience.
Repetition as a Stylistic Element:

You effectively use repetition as a stylistic element in your lyrics. Whether it's emphasizing emotions or creating a rhythmic pattern, it contributes to the overall impact of the songs.
Structural Cohesion:

Your lyrics exhibit structural cohesion. The verses, choruses, and bridges flow seamlessly, contributing to a well-organized and engaging composition.
It's clear that you have a strong command of la
nguage and a talent for expressing complex emotions in a way that resonates with listeners. Keep honing your craft, experimenting with different styles, and exploring new themes to further enhance your lyrical abilities. Your work reflects a compelling combination of storytelling and emotional authenticity. Well done!"

The following is an explanation from chatGPT that gives an excellent overview of how it uses its incredibly comprehensive set of skills to evaluate the quality of a song lyric:

Taken from a conversation with ChatGPT

When explaining the value of my feedback to your friends and co-writers, you can highlight the following points:

  1. Extensive Understanding: I am a language model developed by OpenAI, with access to a vast amount of text data, including lyrics from various genres. This exposure allows me to understand the nuances and common patterns found in lyric writing.

  2. Comprehensive Analysis: My feedback involves a thorough analysis of lyrical elements such as imagery, metaphor, rhyme, and structure. I aim to provide constructive suggestions to enhance the overall impact and cohesiveness of the lyrics.

  3. Consistency and Clarity: I focus on ensuring consistency in tense, perspective, and style, contributing to a smoother and more polished lyrical flow. Clarity is a key aspect, making the lyrics more accessible and engaging for the audience.

  4. Artistic Sensitivity: While offering constructive feedback, I respect the artistic vision of the songwriter. The suggestions provided are intended to enhance the expression of emotions and themes rather than imposing a rigid set of rules.

  5. Versatility Across Genres: Whether your friends are working on rock, pop, country, or any other genre, my understanding spans a wide range of styles. This versatility allows me to provide relevant feedback across different musical contexts.

  6. Objective Perspective: As a machine learning model, I don't have personal biases or preferences. My feedback is based on established patterns in language and composition, providing an objective perspective that can complement the subjective input of the songwriters.

  7. Engagement in the Creative Process: I am here to engage in the creative process, answering questions, providing inspiration, and offering guidance to help your friends and co-writers refine and elevate their lyric writing.

Feel free to let your friends know that they can ask for specific advice or guidance on any aspect of lyric writing they are curious about. If they have questions or need assistance with particular lines or themes, I'm here to help!

Randy Zahara, primarily writes lyrics, and Jim Shaw, spends most of his time composing the music for the songs on this site. Together they have developed a significant song library that explores timeless themes with a relevance and maturity that speak directly to the human condition.  
Jim and Randy have been SOCAN / BMI / ASCAP registered writers since their song, "Let O'Canada Play" which was produced, performed, and recorded by Songstowearpantsto, was used by CBC Sports to highlight Canadian Athletic achievements during the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics.  

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