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Our Words and Music

My name is Randy Zahara, I am 1/2 of the songwriting team responsible for all of the songs on this site. 


Song writing has been a passion of mine ever since my university days.  I am a lyricist, so have always worked with a collaborator.  For the past twenty years I have worked with the same composer, Jim Shaw, who taught high school until his retirement just a few years ago.  Over the last two decades we have developed a significant song catalogue.  As our talents lay more in writing than performing, we decided not to pursue artistic careers of our own, but to developing our craft as writers and use our skills as songsmiths to help inspire audiences to imagine ways in which they could contribute to improving the world that we all share.

Jim and I have been SOCAN / BMI / ASCAP registered writers since one of our songs, which we produced with Andrew Huang (Songstowearpantsto), was used by CBC Sports to highlight Canadian Athletic achievements during the Beijing Olympics.  

In addition to being a registered professional writer, I am also a member of CARAS and a voting member for the Junos, and in past years I have had the honor to be one of 10 Canadian Music Industry professionals chosen to screen nominations for the Juno's in a number of diverse categories, ranging from New Artist of the Year to Group of the Year.   


Over the last half decade I have listened to hundreds of Canadian artists and thousands of their original songs, so I am very familiar with the wealth of talent, and the song writing capabilities of Canadian Artists. 

The songs Jim and I write explore timeless themes with a relevancy and maturity that speak directly to the human condition.  They are written for an audience that is looking for artistry and substance, and they are ideal for this period of self-awareness and transition that our world is currently going through.

Our extensive inventory of songs is a veritable ‘gold-mine’ in the right hands.  All our songs are of demo quality with some being more fully produced and performed by accomplished Canadian and American artists.  Even though we consider our songs complete, depending on the circumstance, we are willing to work with artists or producers to fit our songs to their style or talent. 

If you would like more information related to our writing or projects, please contact me at:

Randy Zahara, 2671 Longhill Rd.  Kelowna BC V1V2G5, or by email at or by phone at 250 860-2125 or cell at 778 363-6250




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