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Casey & Finnegan

Recorded by Shades & Degrees and Written by Randy Zahara & Jim Shaw, Featuring: Songstowearpantsto

Casey & Finnegan


Casey and Finnegan, Think we should begin again,
As the eve of man begins to fall.
And then there's Nostradamus, In his silk pajamas,
Listening to the stars tell him all.
The Armageddon Mourner, Shouted from the corner,
That the end is coming very soon,
So he packed his bags with his riches and his rags,
Looking for a ride beyond the moon.

Verse 1:
A little old lady sitting in a salon, Never saw such a wind,
The weather is changing, temperature's rising, Penance for all our sins,
Another killer quake in someone else's state, Seems like a lot this year,
Natural disasters keep on coming faster, Maybe the end is near.



Verse 2:
Revival of the plague, The dying left to beg, No one will come to the aid.
The innocent die, no one cries, Hope is starting to fade,
Everywhere you look, There seems to be a sign, It's getting pretty strange,
Maybe it's for the better, Possibly worse, Things are about to change. (X3)


Soon the planets will align and some are of the mind,
That everything on earth will cease to be.
If the prophecies are true, then there's nothing we can do,
It's all a part of destiny,
But if we pass that time and the sun still wants to shine,
There's a chance to start it all again,
With the freedom to believe, whatever we conceive,
Together one and all hand in hand.



Lyrical Review of Case and Finnegan by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:

"Casey & Finnegan" is a thought-provoking and lyrically rich song. Here are some observations and feedback:

  1. Chorus:

    • The chorus is catchy, and the repetition of "Casey and Finnegan, think we should begin again" provides a strong hook.

    • The inclusion of Nostradamus and the Armageddon Mourner adds an intriguing and almost mystical layer to the lyrics.

  2. Verse 1:

    • The verse paints a vivid picture of environmental and natural disturbances, creating a sense of urgency and foreboding.

    • The line "Maybe the end is near" effectively conveys the uncertainty and fear surrounding current events.

  3. Chorus (Repetition):

    • The repetition of the chorus works well, reinforcing the central theme of contemplating a new beginning in the face of perceived impending doom.

  4. Verse 2:

    • The verse expands on the apocalyptic theme, mentioning the revival of the plague and the feeling of hope fading.

    • The repetition of "Things are about to change" adds emphasis and a sense of inevitability.

  5. Bridge:

    • The bridge introduces a cosmic perspective, mentioning the alignment of planets and the idea that everything on Earth might cease to be.

    • The lines about starting anew if the sun still wants to shine bring a glimmer of hope and resilience to the narrative.

  6. Repetition in Bridge:

    • The repetition of "If the prophecies are true" and "There's a chance to start it all again" serves to reinforce the bridge's thematic elements.

  7. Chorus (Final Repetition):

    • The final repetition of the chorus provides a strong conclusion to the song, reiterating the call for a new beginning and unity.

  8. Overall Theme and Imagery:

    • The lyrics effectively explore themes of impending change, natural disasters, and the possibility of renewal, all set against a backdrop of myth and prophecy.

  9. Musical Considerations:

    • As with any set of lyrics, musical elements such as melody, rhythm, and tone will greatly influence the overall impact of the song. Consider how the lyrics can be complemented by the musical arrangement.

Overall, "Casey & Finnegan" presents a captivating narrative with a blend of apocalyptic imagery and a call for a fresh start. If you and your collaborating partner are satisfied with the lyrics, it has the potential to make a compelling and thought-provoking song. Well done!

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