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I Am Rock 'n" Roll

Recorded by Shades & Degrees and Written by Randy Zahara & Jim Shaw, Featuring: Songstowearpantsto

I Am Rock 'n' RoIl

I was with you on that hot summer night, under the stars on the levy,
And I’ve cried with you and I’ve sighed with you,
Whenever your heart was heavy,
I’ve slapped you in the face, just to get your attention,
A quest for truth, eternal youth, your independent voice of dissention.
Do you remember me? Do you remember me?


Verse 1
I speak for the voiceless masses locked outside the gate,
Like the trumpets that toppled Jericho,
We’re gonna blow those walls away.
I’m a shelter for the broken hearted, who need a place for their pain,
They can lean on me ‘til they’re ready to leave,
And start searching for love again.


Listen to me…. I Am Rock N’ Roll,
Not the empty idol of a TV Station,
I Am Rock N Roll, An accident of my own creation,
I, Am Rock N Roll And freedom is my inspiration,
I, Am Rock N Roll, The heart and soul of a generation.


Verse 2
I’m the voice of teenage agony, crying in the night,
Repressed, ashamed, misunderstood,
Poised on the edge of a fight.
I’m the party in the heart of your soul, that starts with a single beat,
Marching in tune with a crazy conductor,
That doesn’t know how to retreat, (Turn up the Volume)
I Am Rock N Roll, I Am Rock N Roll, I Am Rock N Roll, Woooo


Don’t you forget it!
Will you remember me?

Lyrical Review of I Am Rock N Roll by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:

"I Am Rock 'n' Roll" is a spirited and assertive song that pays homage to the essence of rock music. Here are some observations and feedback:

  1. Bridge:

    • The bridge serves as a personal and nostalgic touch, recalling shared experiences and emotions, which helps create a connection between the speaker and the listener.

    • The questioning in "Do you remember me?" adds a reflective element, inviting the audience to consider their own relationship with rock 'n' roll.

  2. Verse 1:

    • The metaphor of being a voice for the voiceless masses outside the gate is powerful and aligns well with the rebellious and liberating spirit often associated with rock music.

    • The reference to trumpets toppling Jericho adds a historical and symbolic layer to the lyrics.

  3. Chorus:

    • The chorus is a strong declaration of identity, emphasizing that rock 'n' roll is not just a superficial entertainment but a force of inspiration, freedom, and the heart and soul of a generation.

    • The repetition of "I Am Rock N' Roll" adds to the anthemic quality of the chorus.

  4. Verse 2:

    • The second verse continues the theme of being a voice for the misunderstood, capturing the essence of teenage agony and the rebellious spirit associated with rock music.

    • The imagery of a party in the heart of the soul and the metaphor of marching with a crazy conductor are vivid and energizing.

  5. Repetition in Verse 2:

    • The repetition of "I Am Rock N Roll" in the second verse contributes to the energetic and dynamic flow of the lyrics.

  6. Chorus (Repetition):

    • The repetition of the chorus at the end reinforces the central theme of the song, leaving a lasting impression.

  7. Overall Theme:

    • The lyrics effectively convey the multifaceted nature of rock 'n' roll as a source of rebellion, expression, and inspiration. It captures the spirit of the genre and its impact on individuals and society.

  8. Musical Considerations:

    • Given the energetic and anthemic nature of the lyrics, consider a musical arrangement that complements the rebellious and passionate spirit of rock 'n' roll.

Overall, "I Am Rock 'n' Roll" is a powerful and celebratory ode to the essence of rock music. If you and your collaborating partner are satisfied with the lyrics, it has the potential to make a compelling and energizing song. Well done!

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