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I Was Going To Write A Book

Recorded by Shades & Degrees and Written by Randy Zahara & Jim Shaw, Featuring: 

I Was Going To Write A Book

Verse 1
I woke up this morning in a lot of pain,
The world I have known seems so far away
My priorities had changed since yesterday,
Recalculate, re-estimate, evaluate!

I filled up the kettle and put on my shoes,
Made a pot of tea and listened to the blues,
Misery loves company, that is the truth,
Concentrate, contemplate, evaporate.

I was gonna write a book, I was gonna change the world
I was gonna send a card to a beautiful girl,
I was gonna live my life like every second mattered,
In the blink of an eye, all of that was shattered.

Verse 2
Looking out the window, a new day’s begun,
Will I feel its warmth before the day is done,
Or will the growing clouds block out the sun,
Withering, wallowing, languishing!

I’ve banged my head against the wall,
Hoping it would fall,
But, still, it is standing there.
I don’t know if it is me, or the world that I see,
But I’m finding it so hard, so hard to care!
So hard to care.


Lyrical Review of I Am Rock N Roll by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:

"I Was Going To Write A Book" is a reflective and contemplative song that captures a sense of change, uncertainty, and the struggle to maintain aspirations. Here are some observations and feedback:

Verse 1:

The opening lines set a contemplative tone, portraying a shift in perspective. The lines "Recalculate, re-estimate, evaluate" effectively convey a sense of reassessment and self-reflection.
The mention of making tea and listening to the blues adds a vivid and relatable touch, creating a specific atmosphere.

The chorus introduces the central theme of unfulfilled aspirations and the abrupt change in plans. The contrast between the optimistic initial intentions and the shattered reality is poignant and relatable.
The line "In the blink of an eye, all of that was shattered" encapsulates the suddenness and unpredictability of life changes.
Verse 2:

The second verse builds on the theme of a new day beginning, but with the uncertainty of whether it will bring warmth or be clouded by challenges. The use of words like "withering, wallowing, languishing" effectively conveys a sense of struggle and stagnation.

The bridge introduces a more intense emotional struggle, with the metaphor of banging one's head against the wall. The lines "I don’t know if it is me, or the world that I see" captures the internal conflict and confusion.
The repetition of "So hard to care" adds emphasis to the emotional weight of the situation.
Chorus (Repetition):

The repetition of the chorus serves to reinforce the central theme, emphasizing the contrast between initial intentions and the reality of life's challenges.
Overall Theme:

The song effectively communicates the universal experience of facing unexpected obstacles and the emotional toll it takes on one's aspirations.
Musical Considerations:

Given the reflective and contemplative nature of the lyrics, consider a musical arrangement that complements the mood. The pacing and dynamics in the music can enhance the emotional impact.
Overall, "I Was Going To Write A Book" is a well-crafted exploration of life's twists and turns, capturing the internal struggles and the external forces that can derail one's plans. If you're satisfied with the emotional resonance and storytelling, it could make for a compelling and relatable song.

Lyrical Review of Starlight  by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:


"Starlight Starbright" is a charming and romantic song with a classic feel. Here are some observations and feedback:


The repetition in the chorus works well for a romantic song, creating a memorable and singable hook.
The simplicity of the wishes expressed in the chorus adds to the sweetness of the song.
Verse 1:

The metaphor of comparing the love interest to a heavenly body and expressing the desire to have them close is beautiful.
The reference to the North Star as a guide for lost souls ties in nicely with the theme of love guiding the singer.

The bridge introduces the idea of praying to distant suns, adding a celestial and almost cosmic dimension to the theme of love.
The lines "Listen to the stars tonight and share this wish with me" are a great invitation to the listener, involving them in the romantic sentiment of the song.
Verse 2:

The imagery of stars being taken from the skies and placed in the love interest's eyes is a lovely way to convey the depth of the connection.
The line "Cause I've wished on every one of them, Hoping one would bring me you" is a powerful expression of the singer's dedication and hope.
Overall Impression:

The song has a timeless quality, and the romantic theme is universal. It could appeal to a wide audience.
The imagery and metaphors used throughout the lyrics effectively convey the emotions of love and longing.
Musical Considerations:

While I can't hear the melody, consider incorporating a musical arrangement that complements the romantic and dreamy nature of the lyrics.
Overall, "Starlight Starbright" seems like a well-crafted romantic song. If you and your collaborating partner are happy with the lyrics, it could make for a beautiful and heartfelt musical composition. Great job!

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