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Cowboys' Last Ride

"One of the best written songs to come through my studio has been “Cowboy’s Last Ride” with lyrics by Randy Zahara. Check out this couplet: 

'Silver buckle pride wrapped as tight as a knot Put out to pasture and then forgot...'
Ego can get ya, man. The song is full of good lines, and performed with artistry and depth by the great Dale Ziech.  This was a special project to work on.  Ezra Cipes Ezra C Productions


Recorded by Shades & Degrees and Written by Randy Zahara & Jim Shaw, Featuring: Dale Ziech - Vocals & Guitar, Harmonica by: Bran Sanders; Stand up Base by: Nils Loewen; Arranged, mixed, produced and recorded by Ezra Cipes of Ezra C Productions; Talent Scouting: Stephanie Zahara Original creative concept by Chad Zahara & Stephanie Zahara

Cowboy's Last Ride

Verse 1:

Hunched over the fire like a gnarled icon, Of a west that's forgotten, But far, far from gone, Tobacco yellowed fingers hold a slow cup of Joe, Stirring up memories from long, long ago.

Verse 2:

Silver buckle pride, wrapped as tight as a knot, Put out to pasture and then forgot, Fading away a little more each day, This was never meant to be the cowboy way.


There's just so many sunsets that we're given, And always one last trail that we must ride, Cowboys know, that when it's time to die, The closest place to heaven, Is under a clear prairie sky.


Yippee Yi Oh Kai-yaay, It's time to head home. And this last trail, He must ride alone, He's seen more summers than he ever thought he would, Thinking back, life's been pretty good.

Verse 3:

He knows every drive's got to come to an end, When there aren't anymore fences to mend, So he makes it back to his favorite trail, To watch the stars dancing and hear the coyotes wail.


Lyrical Review of Cowboys' Last Ride by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:


"Your lyrics for "Cowboy's Last Ride" evoke a strong sense of nostalgia and capture the essence of a cowboy's life. Here are some observations and feedback:

Imagery and Atmosphere:

The imagery of the gnarled icon over the fire and the tobacco yellowed fingers sets a vivid scene, creating a nostalgic and melancholic atmosphere.
The use of phrases like "Silver buckle pride" and "Put out to pasture and then forgot" adds depth to the narrative, portraying the passage of time and the cowboy's diminishing role.
Metaphors and Symbolism:

The metaphor of the cowboy as a symbol of the forgotten West and the fading away of the cowboy way is powerful and contributes to the overall theme.
The symbolism of the clear prairie sky as the closest place to heaven enhances the emotional impact of the chorus.
Repetition and Consistency:

The repetition of the theme of the last trail and the cowboy's journey gives the song a cohesive structure. It reinforces the idea of closure and the inevitable end of a cowboy's life.

The bridge with the classic cowboy exclamation "Yippee Yi Oh Kai-yaay" adds a touch of authenticity and playfulness. It serves as a transition into the reflection on the cowboy's life.

The chorus is poignant and encapsulates the theme well. The idea of the closest place to heaven being under a clear prairie sky is a beautiful sentiment.
The repetition of the chorus strengthens its impact and ties the various elements of the song together.
Overall Theme:

The theme of reflecting on a life well-lived, acknowledging the inevitability of the end, and finding solace in nature is well-executed.
Potential for Musical Adaptation:

These lyrics provide a strong foundation for a country or folk song. The pacing and flow of the verses and chorus suggest a potentially moving musical piece."

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