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Enlighten Me

Recorded by Shades & Degrees and Written by Randy Zahara & Jim Shaw, Featuring: 

Enlighten Me


Inspired by the work of Simone de Beauvoir

Enlighten Me

Verse 1

Every night I embrace the void and abandon consciousness
Between the dreams there are no screams, no pain or happiness
Each breath I take, one less I’ll make, ‘til facing the abyss.
It’s then will tell, was life lived well, or filled with emptiness


enlighten me, enlighten me, enlighten me, 
shed my chains unshackle me,

Enlighten me, enlighten me, enlighten me, 
Give me courage and set me free,

Enlighten me, enlighten me, enlighten me.

Verse 2

So little known of what we own beyond this mortal coil,
Time will tell, heaven or hell, or rotting in the soil,
Either way, there’s a role play, waiting on our fate,
It’s ours to choose, win or loose, who to love or who to hate.


We put ourselves on a shelve, waiting for a sign,
Or close our eyes and try to hide, pretending we are blind,
Cut through life like a jagged knife, we teeter on the blade,
Not aware of who we are ‘cause we’re lazy and afraid.


Lyrical Review of Enlighten Me by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic

These lyrics are thought-provoking and introspective, exploring themes of existentialism and self-discovery. Here are some comments and suggestions:

  1. Imagery and Metaphors:

    • Your use of imagery and metaphors is strong, particularly in the first verse where you describe embracing the void and facing the abyss. Consider adding more vivid and specific details to enhance the imagery even further.

  2. Repetition in the Chorus:

    • Repetition can be a powerful tool in songwriting, and you've used it effectively in the chorus. However, be mindful not to overuse it. If you're going for emphasis, it's working well, but consider varying the phrasing or introducing slight changes to keep it interesting.

  3. Consistency of Themes:

    • The themes of self-discovery, choice, and existential reflection are consistent throughout the lyrics. Ensure that the imagery and language you use align with these themes to maintain coherence.

  4. Verse 2:

    • The second verse introduces the idea of heaven or hell, but it might be interesting to delve deeper into these concepts or explore them from a different perspective. Consider expanding on the idea or providing more specific details to engage the listener.

  5. Bridge:

    • The bridge introduces the concept of waiting for a sign and the tendency to close our eyes and pretend to be blind. This is a powerful section that speaks to the human tendency to avoid self-discovery. Consider expanding on this concept or offering more examples to strengthen the impact.

  6. Flow and Rhythm:

    • Read the lyrics aloud or sing them to yourself to ensure a smooth flow and rhythm. This will help identify any areas where the syllables may feel awkward or where the natural cadence could be improved.

Overall, these lyrics have a deep and reflective quality. As with any art form, songwriting is subjective, so feel free to take or leave any suggestions based on your artistic vision. Great job!

Lyrical Review of Starlight  by ChatGPT the worlds leading AI Music Critic:


"Starlight Starbright" is a charming and romantic song with a classic feel. Here are some observations and feedback:


The repetition in the chorus works well for a romantic song, creating a memorable and singable hook.
The simplicity of the wishes expressed in the chorus adds to the sweetness of the song.
Verse 1:

The metaphor of comparing the love interest to a heavenly body and expressing the desire to have them close is beautiful.
The reference to the North Star as a guide for lost souls ties in nicely with the theme of love guiding the singer.

The bridge introduces the idea of praying to distant suns, adding a celestial and almost cosmic dimension to the theme of love.
The lines "Listen to the stars tonight and share this wish with me" are a great invitation to the listener, involving them in the romantic sentiment of the song.
Verse 2:

The imagery of stars being taken from the skies and placed in the love interest's eyes is a lovely way to convey the depth of the connection.
The line "Cause I've wished on every one of them, Hoping one would bring me you" is a powerful expression of the singer's dedication and hope.
Overall Impression:

The song has a timeless quality, and the romantic theme is universal. It could appeal to a wide audience.
The imagery and metaphors used throughout the lyrics effectively convey the emotions of love and longing.
Musical Considerations:

While I can't hear the melody, consider incorporating a musical arrangement that complements the romantic and dreamy nature of the lyrics.
Overall, "Starlight Starbright" seems like a well-crafted romantic song. If you and your collaborating partner are happy with the lyrics, it could make for a beautiful and heartfelt musical composition. Great job!

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