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“One of the best written songs to come through my studio has been “Cowboy’s Last Ride” with lyrics and music by songwriters Randy Zahara and Jim Shaw. Check out this couplet: “Silver buckle pride wrapped as tight as a knot Put out to pasture and then forgot” Ego can get ya, man. The song is full of good lines, and performed with artistry and depth by the great Dale Ziech. This was a special project to work on. Check out the song at the link:” - Ezra Cipes (Ezra C Productions)

The music of Shades and Degrees is designed to provide unique and insightful perspectives that are relevant in todays world.  Songs are entertaining, memorable, meaningful, relatable, and they cover a wide range of human emotions and concerns.

Recorded by Shades Degrees     Featuring Special Guests


1    Cowboy's Last Ride                     Dale Ziech with Bran Sanders & Nils Loewen

2     Starlight                                          Steve Collom 

3     Never Thought You Would      Jessie Brown

4     The Road                                         Songstowearpantsto

5     Casey & Finnegan                        Songstowearpantsto

6     I Am Rock N' Roll                          Songstowearpantsto

7     Van Gogh                                          Songstowearpantsto

8     Enlighten Me

9     I Was Gonna Write A book

10 If That Isn't Love

11 Hope                                    

12 Let O'Canada Play              Songstowearpantsto

13 Dear Jane                           Shades and Degrees
The songs listed above are recordings by Shades and Degrees featuring the talents of extremely gifted guest artists from across Canada, including; Dale Ziech, Bran Sanders, Nils Loewen, Jessie Brown, and Songstowearpantsto!

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