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Shades and Degrees' songs Featuring Special Guests

Cowboy's Last Ride FeatDale Ziech

Cowboy's Last Ride

Cowboy's Last Ride

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Cowboy's Last Ride

Verse 1:

Hunched over the fire like a gnarled icon, Of a west that's forgotten, But far, far from gone, Tobacco yellowed fingers hold a slow cup of Joe, Stirring up memories from long, long ago.

Verse 2:

Silver buckle pride, wrapped as tight as a knot, Put out to pasture and then forgot, Fading away a little more each day, This was never meant to be the cowboy way.


There's just so many sunsets that we're given, And always one last trail that we must ride, Cowboys know, that when it's time to die, The closest place to heaven, Is under a clear prairie sky.


Yippee Yi Oh Kai-yaay, It's time to head home. And this last trail, He must ride alone, He's seen more summers than he ever thought he would, Thinking back, life's been pretty good.

Verse 3:

He knows every drive's got to come to an end, When there aren't anymore fences to mend, So he makes it back to his favorite trail, To watch the stars dancing and hear the coyotes wail.


Cowboy's Last Ride
Demo performed by Jim Shaw

Starlight Feat: Steve Collom

Starlight  Demo performed by Jim Shaw

I Never Thought You Would Feat:  Jesse Brown

I Never Thought You Would Demo performed by Jim Shaw

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