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Dear Moon contest, please Send Me To The Moon!

Ysaku Maezawa, the Japanese billionaire entrepreneur has booked the entire first public Space X Flight around the moon for himself and 11 guests, 8 of which will be artists who satisfy both of the following criteria: 

1 - The trip around the moon will inspire them to take their art to a new level for the benefit of humankind and our planet. 

2 - You have to be willing to support other crew members with similar aspirations.  As to the first criteria:

1 - The songs on this playlist show that I have dedicated much of my songwriting creativity on music that I hope will inspire people to be more conscious of their roles in protecting and improving the earths environment, and I hope that by being selected for the flight it will bring more attention to our work in this area and give me an opportunity to share our ideas with the world.   

2 - As to the second criteria: is a website I created to showcase our first concept album that was written to encourage people to think more independently and to spend more time trying to understand what brings purpose and meaning into their lives with the hope that increased self awareness will lead to a world of greater understanding, cooperation, peace and love.  We realize that trying to develope a pragmatic global consciousness by changing peoples minds through art requires more than just one artists efforts, so our site invites other artists and creative people to contribute their ideas and to link to their sites to promote their works that also help people to become more self aware and loving. 


Although I am terrified to go into space, I will glady take the risk associated with the flight if it will get the messages from our songs out to a global audience, as I truly believe what Philosopher Herbert Marcuse said is true "Art cannot change the world but it can contribute to changing the consciousness of the men and women who could change the world."  

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